Which kind of tickes do exist ?

  1. BIT Biglietto integrato a tempo

      This ticket comes to 1 _ it is valid for 75 minutes and you can take one time the underground and the      other transportations as often as you like within the 75 minutes

  1. BIG Biglietto integrato giornaliero

This ticktes costs 4 and valid till midnight on the day when you have printed it first. With this ticket you can take all the pubblic transportations as often as you want

  1. BTI Biglietto turistico integrato

This ticket comes to 11 and is valid for 3 days, which means till midnight the third day. you ony have to print it on the first day and you can take all the pubblic transportations within Rome.

  1. CIS  - Carta integrata settimanale

This ticket costs 16 and is valid for seven days. you just have to print it once on the first day and you can take all the pubblic transportations within Rome.


With all the tickets you can traval within Roma and also to Ostia. So if you want to visit Ostia Antica or go to the beach to Ostia, just use the tickets mentioned above.

These tickets can be bought at all metrostations or a tobacconist. If you see outside the Bars inn Rome a large "T" written in black, this means that in this bar you can also buy cigaretts and tickets for the pubblic transportations.

Please be advised that within the centre of Rome you can reach most of the sightseeings by foot. So please check first where your apartment is located and if you really need a ticket. Very often it is enough to buy some 1 tickets, just to use them for some trips.




YOu can take the direct train to the main station - stazione Termini. This tickets costs 9.50 and it lasts 32 minutes and the train will go every 30 minutes.

There is also the train which operates as a Metro FM1 and makes several stops. This tickes comes to 4.70 and this are the following stops:

- stazione Trastevere ( if your apartment is in Trastevere )

- stazione Ostiense

- stazione Tuscolana ( if your apartment is in S. Giovanni in Laterano )

This train goes every 15 minutes during the week and every 30 minutes on weekends.




 Here you have different possibilities :

  1. With bus and train

you take the pubblic bus to the train station Ciampino and than the train to the main station, stazione Termini. The only problem is, that it can be that you loose a lot of time as bus and train do not operate regularly. So it can be that you have to wait for a long time.


  1. With bus and metro A

the bus from the airport operates every 30 to 55 minutes and brings you to the metro station Anagnina. From here you can take the Metro A , which brings you everywhere. This all you can make with a 1 ticket. The only problem is, that you never know when the bus operates.


  1. Private bus with Terravision

this ticket costs 8 and brings you directly to the main train station, stazione Termini, just in front of the Hotel Royal Santina in Via Marsala 22. This trip lasts approximatly 40 minutes and if you arrive with the following airlines, the bus operates just in connection with their arrival time.
Ryan Air, Wizzair, EasyJet, Hapag Lloyd.